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High Water Mark, LLC

100% Native American-Woman Owned Company

We lead the way...

  • Recognized SME in FEMA Grant, Environmental and Regulatory Compliance

  • We have helped communities recover over 60 million dollars in aid to mitigate flood damage.

  • We are experts in helping communities adapt to Climate Change

  • We are always culturally sensitive in our Project Management with our local knowledge and science-based solutions

  • We are 100% Native American owned.

  • Environmental Consulting Services and Project Management

  • Hydrologic Services, Hydrologic and Hydrologic Studies

  • Groundwater Wells and Monitoring

  • Surface Water and Storm Water Regulatory Compliance

  • Watershed Assessments, wetland Delineation and Drainage Restoration

  • Clean Water Act Section 401 and 404 Permitting

  • GIS Support

  • Geomorphic Surveying

  • Construction Management and Oversight

We Specialize in

Our Mission

Working with respect and integrity, we take action by facilitating collaborative decisions with stakeholders for projects ensuring highest quality consulting services that exceeds the expectations of our clients.

We Are The Experts


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High Water Mark provides emergency management, hazard mitigation and environment and water resources consulting services to communities in New Mexico and the Southwest. As a company, we began with burn area recovery and post-fire flood damage assessment and recovery in fire-impacted watersheds. Working with local communities and their stakeholders impacted by floods, High Water Mark, embarked on a community-based planning endeavor to address the most immediate health and safety needs of our clients’ communities for flood hazard mitigation and infrastructure recovery, while looking ahead to long-term environment and water resources needs in the greater watershed and Southwest region.


This work continues today, and includes multi-stakeholder initiatives among numerous local, state, federal and tribal entities with unique roles and responsibilities in emergency response to man-made and natural disasters, hazard mitigation and the management of cultural and natural resources.

High Water Mark, LLC Main Office. Bernalillo, NM

Our Mission






Our Team

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